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Welcome to the official CombiStats website.

CombiStats is a computer program for the statistical analysis of data from biological dilution assays or potency assays. It can perform calculations according to Chapter 5.3 of the European Pharmacopoeia (5th Edition 01/2005 to 8th Edition 01/2014) including the following models:

  • Parallel line models
  • Slope ratio models
  • Probit models
  • ED50 calculations
  • 4- and 5-parameter logistic curve models
  • Single dose models
  • And many more of the family of generalized linear models

This site is intended to offer up to date information to CombiStats users and potential new users. A free demonstration version can be downloaded from this site. The demo-version includes the complete user manual, a tutorial, and 65 example files. A user licence can be acquired against payment of an annual fee. Click on the menu links for more information.

The software has been developed by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) at the initiative of the European network of Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCL). It is stressed that CombiStats cannot be regarded as an official extension of the general text on statistics as adopted by the European Pharmacopoeia Commission. For that reason, no rights can be derived from the output produced by the software.

This site uses MathML to display mathematical equations. If your browser does not support MathML you may not be able to correctly view some parts of this site (MathML test).

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